New Wine Requires New Wine Skins

“No one puts a piece of unshrunk cloth on an old garment; for the patch pulls away from the garment, and the tear is made worse. Nor do they put new wine into old wineskins, or else the wineskins break, the wine is spilled, and the wineskins are ruined. But they put new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved.” Matthew 9:16, 17.

Very familiar verses from the Lord which we Christians have read often I’m sure. We are so familiar with them we hardly pause to consider them, and or to meditate their significance I would venture to say. Old milestones which we have stopped at in times past to consider and prayerfully apply I hope is our attitude if we have walked with Jesus for any length of time. That was my attitude, also. Until this morning. Holy Spirit prompted me to pause and consider anew this lesson from our Lord. “ Why Lord?”, I asked.

For many years I have been confident in my walk with God as touches my understanding of being obedient to the written Word and looking into that Word to check my spiritual health; using it as a mirror to see if there are areas which the Lord would want to correct or adjust. For the most part I have had peace about these regular checkups. I try to be humble enough ot admit to necessary adjustments, especially in my attitudes and perceptions. With this as a foundational prerequisite to my daily devotions God today arrested me at this passage in my daily reading.

If you are like other Christians with whom you regularly fellowship I hope you can say that these brothers and sisters are secure in their faith as touches what they believe and why they believe what they do. Small groups which I am so grateful to be a regular part of usually reinforce and fine tune these beliefs. Isn’t that the reason for the saints coming together: “And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together. . .” Hebrews 10:24, 25a

We are “ready always to to give an answer to every man who asketh you a reason for the hope that is in you”. 1 Peter 3:15 Peter asks that we do this with “meekness and fear”, however. I’m afraid that last admonition has not been wholly in evidence – with meekness and fear. Being a “defender” of the faith requires that we do so in a manner worthy of the Lord Jesus. And that’s where this morning my heavenly Father required me to look again at the principle of how God dispenses his wine. He’s looking for wine skins which are not too set in their ways or smug in their assurance.

Dear family, as we proceed on with our Lord in this new years I pray we would look again at the condition of our wine skins and ask the Lord to reveal any imperfection which would require Him to overlook pouring new wine into our lives.


The Whole Counsel of God (part 6)


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A few weeks ago I went to bed with hope. Hope unlike I had had for a long time. See, I had just heard a man speak about how the needs and aspirations of the common man were going to be addressed if they were elected the President. Here was one who identified critical needs which average Americans have been hoping to be realized. Here was one who identified with these desperate needs and promised to partner with us in solving them. Here was one who said that government and the business-as-usual attitude which has lately strangled our concerns would come to an end.

The reason for my excitement and hope were because somebody was speaking practically and forthrightly. They spoke directly of the obvious problems and concerns, which we know are at the root of our inability to earn the money which average Americans require to provide for our families. They spoke of addressing the lawlessness which is lately so pervasively portrayed among those running through the halls of our Congress. They spoke of reigning in the misuse of power of those who are not listening to our cries for reform and accountability. They spoke of understanding our frustrations and despair over seeing our beloved veterans being ignored and uncared for. They spoke common sense.

What are these problems which I see in America and which plague our people? Interestingly, they are not problems which you will hear about from the established media sources. They are not the problems which politicians normally address. They are not problems which even the average American really understand the cause of. Why? Because established media and the politicians which are entrenched in Washington do not want these problems to be known or understood by the people. Period.

I am sick and tired of being lied to by these politicians and the corporate media. I want to know why and how, as Dennis Michael Lynch has recently exposed, that our sitting President has been letting thousands upon thousands of undocumented illegal aliens cross our border. Not only cross over, but then be escorted to bus terminals and given fare to proceed further on into our country.

I am sick and tired of seeing our inept and spineless politicians continue to plead helplessness in dealing with the obvious criminal activity of our former Secretary of State. Once President Nixon was run out of office for it becoming known that he intended to use the IRS against his rival political party. It recently became known that certain members of this same IRS were targeting rival political organizers (the Tea Party), yet these same inept and spineless politicians are not able to bring about due process to prosecute the illegal activities.

Where is the accountability? Where are the journalists which should be uncovering these stories and asking the hard questions? Why are the American people made to believe that nothing can be done?

Why? Perhaps because government with the mindset of continuing it’s business-as-usual do nothing and the mass media which is partnered with this government and corporations which are benefiting in robbing Americans, do not want us to be knowledgeable of the stranglehold under which we live.

Today on the “news” the broadcaster was itemizing the series of outrageous blunders which one of the presidential candidates has recently committed. Instead of itemizing the direct and concrete steps this candidate intends to undertake in reforming our business-as-usual government they are telling those who will listen what a buffoon the candidate is. You want to know why it is important to “report” the inadequacy of this candidate? They are not reporting any news. They are slandering the candidate they do not want to win the Presidency. They are preparing America for who will continue the legacy of inept and corrupt policy which gradually will continue the process of enslaving America!

Nothing is going to change, fellow citizens. For too long we have buried our collective heads in the sands of selfish indulgence and castles in the air of fulfilling the “American Dream” unconcerned with how the “Dream” had no bearing or contact with what is absolutely essential in living as a free people.

Can I be honest here? Let us be honest and sincere with each other shall we? On another point related to this business-as-usual is how Church leadership, too, has failed to identify this charade which has been masquerading as a free government. Is our Church leadership unable to see this? Is it not obvious that the whole political process is a fraud? Is it not obvious that real informative journalism does not exist in America? In light of this I have an open question for America’s Church leadership; How can you expect me to continue respecting your leadership when it fails to answer such fundamental questions?

It appears that the pat answer is to divide my natural man observations and replace them with Scriptures which I can recite as a mantra. Excuse me if I sound disrespectful, but reciting Scriptures which I may use to move God to intercede on my behalf presumes on God and His will. (Of course, there is a proper place and attitude in praying for others. But that kind of prayer is distinct in that it is aimed at the more immediate needs we all have such as for healing or provision) Not only that, but more to the point, it fails to inform people of the obvious excesses of our corrupt and anti-God government.

My position is that I am confident that God is not displeased with me, and more than that that it would please God much if I were to be vocal and knowledgeable of the fact that our government is openly targeting my freedoms. Especially as touches those areas of my Constitutional rights (and my freedom to live out my faith by my conscience). In particular, as touches those Constitution rights for a responsive and accountable government.

To close I want my Church leadership to understand that I will not interfere with your programs and doctrines because that is not what God expects me as a follower of Christ to do. But by the same token, let us stop in perpetrating the lies which are so clearly being disseminated from the media. That is not helping the cause of Christianity. We know that no truthful and useful information is forthcoming from the established news sources. Let the Church proclaim Truth and nothing else.

Are these times when we can/ should expect our Lord’s return? Let us be practical about telling everybody the Truth in this regard. The whole Truth. Which to me seems to indicate that difficult times unlike the world has ever seen is soon to be upon us. Trials which simple prayers for relief are not going to be answered as we would hope. Let us be mature men and women regarding Christ’s return and proclaim the Truths of God’s Word to be about the business of setting our houses in order. This is what is needed more today than ever before.

The Whole Counsel of God (part 5)

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Awaken, Church of America, before it’s too late!

Veracity 1623, from Fr. Véracité, from M.L. Veracitatem (nom. veracitas)”truthfulness,” from L. verax (gen.veracis) “truthful,”from verus “true” (see very). [Word origin and history]

Some synonyms of veracity are authenticity, genuineness, impartiality, integrity, sincerity, truthfulness, trustworthiness, correctness, precision, fact.

Interestingly, I thought, one other synonym is gospel. Gospel. When I did a Google search for a definition for gospel the first one which appeared was “The teaching or revelation of Christ”. So, this teaching of Christ should be synonymous with veracity, authenticity, genuineness and the other words I listed above. But is it?

When men today proclaim the Gospel do they proclaim truthfulness? Do they proclaim accurately the teachings of Christ? Genuineness? Truthfulness? If not they are not teaching Christ. They are not teaching anything which other men should listen to. For if information and religion is not authentic and truthful, what value does it have?

In this Presidential election year let me try to connect the importance, indeed, “litmus test” of importance, which we should use in weighing the words and promises the candidates declare about themselves. These promises and goals which they are expressing about themselves are meant to rally support so that the people who vote and support them will see said promises come to fruition. Why haven’t voters been more careful in recording these promises and goals? Why hasn’t there been an accounting? Why haven’t the American people watched those to whom we entrust with our votes to be obliged in following through? How have these elected officials been sidetracked from fulfilling their duties/ promises? How and why do the voters continue to let those elected officials neglect fulfilling their promises?  Are Americans today even aware of our responsibility in this? Why not? This is a matter of life and death, yet our whole society behaves as if politics is only fodder for the late night comedians. If it were not so tragic I would joke about our ever expecting to have solutions to our economy, crime, unemployment, school delinquency and inefficiency, health care, name a need of our society. Unless we begin holding our politicians accountable (indeed, let us hold ourselves accountable!) nothing is ever going to change for the better.

In reviewing our American history and the accomplishments we can proudly look back on and then juxtapose and contrast that with what we see now across our American landscape I am appalled and disgusted. Are we actually speaking of the same America? Is such a contrast between people possible? What has happened? How did this happen?

The difference between that textbook America which we have read about in our history books to the America which is now concretely in place is as different as day to night. So different there are those who do not believe such an America ever existed. But it did. Men and women came to America to build a nation where citizens could be free to worship and serve God according to their conscious. This Christian consciousness awakened in the settlers of the 13 Colonies a notion that God had endowed them with a right to live out this conviction of religious freedom separate from the Crown which declared them “Rebels”. With nothing more than the fervor of right which their faith had awakened we declared our independence. Uniting their cause with others of like faith we Americans took up arms to fight for these God given rights. Only God can grant this freedom, and no human government or institution can take it away. Unless those who are governed by irresponsible men permit it to be so.

In reflecting on that word associated with “authenticity”, “truthfulness”, “genuineness” and so on, I wondered at how so little of these qualities do we see today in such important issues as relates to our system of government. Once there were a more direct association between the political process and the Church of America. Once there was an expectation that those seeking to hold office or serve on a court bench also would highly value those Christian principles which authored our American Revolution. Our political freedoms were directly linked to those spiritual freedoms which our Christian Colonials valued so dearly.

Somewhere somehow in our American history this freedom has been usurped and it has nearly been eradicated. Who in America today understand how fortunate and precious this freedom is? How many in America today are aware that that freedom has been exchanged for something of much less value? Rather than watch over our precious freedoms we make jokes about them. Those politicians who steal from us wink at one another as if they are somehow entitled to his filthy lucre. We raise our hands in helplessness at their boldfaced lies and ineptness to act courageously. We smack our foreheads when it is reported that they are making deals obviously against our laws. We do not understand why the Judiciary arm or the law can not prosecute them.

Why not? Could it be that like the politicians in office they, too, have ceased being held accountable? Accountability is sadly lacking from so many areas of our society today. Nobody thinks to ask for explanations. Why? Our journalists used to specialize in asking such questions. In that not the meaning (honestly) of what responsible journalism is supposed to be?

Another factor which greatly influences our citizens are the sources of information and news which Americans today consume. Once these journalists who report to the American people endeavored to be responsive to the cares and concerns of the public who clamored for the information which they provided. In these times “journalists” today aim more to enthrall or sensationalize news for entertainment purposes. The hard questions which we want asked of our government officials are by-passed by politicians who purposely run to keep from being held accountable. How can the citizens of America be informed of the issues if the news we receive are irrelevant to the cares and concerns of those being directly affected? Freedom of the press is an oxymoron if information is not freely disseminated. The information by which responsible citizens may responsibly use to hold accountable irresponsible public servants! Is truth so little valued? Why?

Allow me now to connect the dots with the beginning of this paper about veracity. Remember, truthfulness, genuineness, authenticity, fact? It is a fact, a truth, that at the beginning of the American Republic it was of utmost importance to have responsible men and women who took the oath (another word related to truth and veracity) of public office. The people who voted for them could watch carefully whether or not they used the powers which were entrusted to them. This system of “representative government” was designed to meet the peoples needs (education, fiscal opportunities, law and order, or anything else of concern by the citizenry) as long as each person responsibly lived and abides according to the laws of the land. (Read Constitution and the Bill of Rights). The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are genuine articles of our United States of America. It is a fact of history that there was once a war between Colonial America and Great Britain. The people of America won that war and set up the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to guide our citizens and those who would adjudicate these genuine articles over our society. These were once very important facts for our people. They are not so important these days. These days there is a real and ongoing war between our own government and the people of our land. This war has taken the form of apathy and disinterest and hopelessness between the people of America and our government. Who can deny this fact? How and why has this metamorphosis taken place? Let me submit that it has been allowed to take place because our American Church has failed in informing our people of the importance of and responsibility in keeping our government officials accountable. We have failed in upholding the truths and guiding principles which our country’s fore fathers laid out in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The laws were written to ensure that the government would not interfere with our religious liberties. It was these liberties, remember, which first gave rise to the whole notion of American Liberty! Gradually, the Church let slip damnable heresies which today actually state that the government has a right and, indeed, an obligation to stifle and silence religious voices from speaking in matters political! We have not rallied to the truth of our great history. We have been lulled into believing the lies of the enemy. Now the whole of America chants the mantra, “separation of church and state”. Even from the church’s pulpits and we defer to voice of the masses. No absolute truths any more. We do not know what to believe. What do the experts say? Balderdash! What saith the Lord!

Early in our American history we can see that the Church of Jesus Christ, or Christians, were often very active and involved in participating in this process of voting and volunteering for public office. Indeed, it were the Christians who first identified the freedoms which later were the cause for our American Revolution. It was a Christian revolution aimed at stopping the tyranny of English law then over Colonial America. A quote by John Adams puts this point succinctly. “But what do we mean by the American Revolution? Do we mean the America War? The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments, of their duties, and obligations. . . this radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people was the real American Revolution.”

Now turning to truthfulness and accuracy in preaching the Gospel what should men preach or teach about if we are to truthfully proclaim Christ and his commandments? Jesus focus was on the Kingdom of God. He focused on a right relationship to God through faith in him. Jesus taught on the importance of right relationship to the Father by genuine worship from our own spirit. This is what God desires. Jesus focused on sharing God’s love with others. This included putting others needs above our own. He also focused on radical fidelity to himself and the new covenant which he instituted. This covenant is the foundation for his Church. The truths which Christ gave his life for should be the blue prints for how the Church operates today. Christ has not changed through time. He is changeless. How much have that Church which he founded followed his commandments through to today?

All of the preceding is groundwork for examining what and how the Church in America has partnered with God to keep the Gospel relevant for our citizens. Is the Church in America able to address the concerns and needs which we face day to day? Are we (the Church) exposing the dangers facing our land? Are we (the Church) providing answers for the needs which Americans are having to grapple with? How is the Church in America today faring in tearing down the “gates of hell”?

From what I am able to discern the score is not in our favor. God seems as distant and uninvolved with America as he could be. We have no influence apart from business as carried out within the walls of the various and numerous congregations here and there. There is no unity among these congregations or concerted goals which can be identified.

Some of the American history which I want to bring our attention to now are those points in time when the Church was active and vocal in bringing the needs of our American Republic to the fore. I believe it was the Christian Church which led the cause of freeing our slaves. I believe it was the American Church which first sounded the rallying cry for independence from Great Britain. I believe it was the American Church (Martin Luther King, Jr) which led our people to demand equality for the African Americans who were brought here to America as slaves. If we are near to our Savior and Lord the American Church hears first the needs which are so dear to our loving God. I believe that God would have us (the Church) continue to be aware of the needs of our people. God wants his name to be honored. And when the people of God are near to God they will want this as well. This is reality this is our legacy. This is why we sing “God Shed His Grace on Thee”. Or we used to.

Scripture informs us that we have the history of the Old Testament to remind us how God deals with those who he calls to follow him. They are written for our example. What is the legacy of the Hebrew people who were called to follow God? How did they succeed in keeping true to God? What happened when they failed to be true? Now let us look at America. Once we, too, looked to God to provide and protect. Once, we too, made promises, and regularly gave God honor. Once we, too, identified ourselves unashamedly as God’s people. That was the record of those who chose to lead us and govern us. I believe that is the reason we were once a powerful and respected people. What is our primary identifying trait today? When the rest of the world looks at America today what do they see? How are we distinct from others in the world today? What do foreigners say about our people these days?

This treatise or study about genuineness and authenticity, about facts, it is a study on why our American Church needs to change tactics in proclaiming the truth of the Gospel. Once Church leaders openly proclaimed the current crises which our people were dealing with. Once our Church leaders rallied Christians to participate in civic affairs for the good of all. How can we possibly show mercy and love if we sit on our hands and keep silent? Our Lord Jesus openly and loudly identified the hypocrisies of false religious leaders of his day. It may be too late for America because we have lost so much of our influence already. Our voice is hardly even asked for any more. If America falls as it surely seems destined, God is going to ask an accounting from us. What shall we say?


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The Whole Counsel of God (Part 4)


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Can it be disputed or debated that we have here now over our beloved America a deceptive lie?  Huge and all encompassing this lie and deception has supplanted that once indefinable uniqueness which could and was often called the Spirit of America. It was a proud and powerful Spirit which even foreigners could identify. They envied or hated that Spirit. We who live in this land joined with that Spirit as we worked to provide for our families. It was taught in our schools as teachers implanted into our children that glorious history which made the United States of America something unique among all the nations which have come before of since. It was demonstrated by our elected officials and judges who by that Spirit solved our nations challenges and affirmed our laws in equal administration of same. It was a unique story because it was a history of faithful men uniting in a cause which boldly proclaimed our trust in God. It was a glorious history which recounted our indomitable courage against inestimable odds as we conquered wildernesses and the ravages of civil war. It was also a story of charity and unselfish giving in joining with others who also struggled to establish their own freedoms. Or in simple sharing of our abundant resources. “Made in America” used to be a sure seal of excellence and the standard against which all other goods were measured. Everything which we, as Americans, attempted we succeeded in accomplishing.. We were winners in every respect.

Gradually, imperceptibly, that Spirit has been laid to rest. In the same manner, gradually and imperceptibly, the moral values which defined that Spirit have been laid to rest. They have been deemed outdated and unwanted. In their place we have been asked to accommodate the average and embrace the substandard because the unqualified and defective suddenly demand “equality” or “inclusion”.

Why do we allow the inefficient and mediocre onto the same plane as those who are obviously above the norm?  How has this “inclusion” and “equality” been made a criteria for defining what it is to be American?  Certainly there is a place and time for those with “lessor” abilities”, or a time and place to deal with what is less than excellent. But when has it been deemed expedient to include such people / ideas/ goods alongside good or better people/ ideas and goods?

God has for all of our Biblical history demanded a separating between those who would be identified with Him. It is the most basic idea which people united and devoted to God must deal with. How we each observe and practice this separating is a private and personal choice. Nonetheless, it must be a complete and total severing. Maybe, God’s people have failed to observe this as near to what is expected for our own good. Compromising in this vital area is always disastrous. So much so that I perceive that the loss of our once indomitable American Spirit has been lost because of such compromising. Who can tell me I am wrong to conclude this? It is too obvious to be denied I am afraid to say.

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The Whole Counsel of God (part 3)

Holy is the Lord

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When God has called you to enter into the Kingdom and has set his Holy Spirit within your spirit you will begin a life long journey of sanctified service. God will begin a process of making you a holy people. We need to cooperate with God in this process. He will not do it alone. He can’t because unless we agree with God he can not do his part. We still have our free will in choosing whether or not we will walk in obedience to God or not.

There is within our culture, the worldly culture that is, a notion that servicemen or servicemen should be allowed to have “liberty” or “R and R” times away from their duties. We who serve God in the Kingdom do not have any such times of recreation which are distinct. Or which allow us to suspend our devotion or which preclude us from being ever excluded from giving God glory in all we do and say. According to the world men and women are expected to take time from service. During these times off they may frequent bars to indulge in alcoholic beverages. And otherwise engage in practices or customs where they may indulge their fleshly passions.

Throughout Biblical history we see that God has constantly sought for his people to separate themselves from the worldly cultures and customs of those where they lived. And as they obeyed God in this they prospered and succeeded. And when they didn’t God was not pleased. Could we say that today God is not pleased with those who identify themselves as his people? Can we say for a certainty that we can identify specifically those who follow God and are obedient to God from those who merely give God lip service?

One mark of a Godly person which we should be able to identify is are they holy? Do they honor God in all that they do and say? Do they show love to those who may disrespect them? Do you see them loving their wives/ husbands through all difficulties? Do they love their children and model Christian faith before them? The biggest indicator as I am focusing today I believe will be seen as Christians separate themselves from those of the culture at large. Do we see this? Do modern day Christians purposely work to distant themselves from worldly pursuits and passions? As a disciple of Jesus do you seek first to love God and give him glory and secondly to love and honor others as you do yourself?

This would go a long way in building our hope for God to answer our prayers. Indeed, how much time do today’s Christians practice devotional prayer to God? This, too, would definitely indicate a special people separated from the world. Anyway, unless we are genuine in our purposing to come out from among the unsaved and their culture we should not really expect our God to be pleased with us or expect him to answer our prayers. God will hot be mocked.


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The Whole Counsel of God (part 2)


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Yes, we often hear about “God’s goodness leading to repentance”. That is wonderful! Yes, God’s patience is very large and grand. We know God’s mercy is forever. But one minute here, please. Does this also mean that God will forever be merciful to those who continue to presume on Him? To be patient with those who continue in sin? Reading Romans 2:4 in context we see that this is not so. Paul warns plainly that those who continue along this path face dire consequences.

‘But in accordance with your hardness and your impenitent heart you are treasuring up for yourself wrath in the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God, who “will render to each one according to his deeds”:[a]eternal life to those who by patient continuance in doing good seek for glory, honor, and immortality; but to those who are self-seeking and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness—indignation and wrath, tribulation and anguish, on every soul of man who does evil, of the Jew first and also of the Greek’ Romans 2:5-9 [a Psalm 62:12; Proverbs 24:12]

His everlasting mercy or lovingkindness, also, we can not presume on God. Psalm 24:3-5 declares plainly:

“Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? or who shall stand in his holy place?

He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully.

He shall receive the blessing from the Lord, and righteousness from the God of his salvation.”

God has certain requirements from those who would call on Him. Psalm 103:17, 18

“But the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear him, and his righteousness unto children’s children;

To such as keep his covenant, and to those that remember his commandments to do them.”

What does it mean to act with presumption? David prayed that he would not act in this way (Psalm 19:13)

“Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me: then shall be upright, and I shall be innocent of great transgression.” (presumptuous Strong’s #2086: arrogant, proud)


David said to behave in this manner is “great transgression” God warned about disrespecting Him with presumption in Deuteronomy 17:12, 13.

Old Testament laws and regulations? What did Jesus say about the hypocrites? How many times did Jesus speak on the importance of keeping His commandments? James says that when we know to do good and do not do it we have sinned. (James 4:17)

What all this is leading up to follows on the heel of my last blog. Then I was crying out and declaring that the Church has lost touch with God. And as a result we (the Church) have become a by-word and a laughing stock in the eyes of the world. I do not see much evidence our modern day Church warning about the importance of staying to close to Jesus. As a result we have taken the pattern of the Laodicean Church. Are we not lukewarm about the things of God? Where is the fervor and the boldness which we seen clearly portrayed in the Acts of the apostles? But more importantly, where is the power and clear evidence of the Presence of God!

And further, we have proof this is so because of our own powerlessness. There is no fire anywhere where we can point and say, “There, God will meet with us there.” We know that God will not hear the prayer of sinners. Dear Lord, help us to repent of our dead works!


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The Whole Counsel of God

When did God ever not disclose to the people what exactly what were expected of them? Through all of Biblical history writers of the Biblical record expressly declared God’s purposes for his people. From the Garden through Jesus’ humanity there was never any doubt about. In many and various ways God let it be known that he could see right into our hearts, the very deeps of our souls were laid bare to him.

Oh, that we could have God’s view made plain today. Everywhere we look today in America we see the enemy’s strongholds gaining ground. Everywhere we look around the world there is despair and fear. There are wars and upheavals, financial meltdowns, starvation and human trafficking, natural disasters unlike any in our world history. Souls are being lost and the Church is impotent and seems not to be aware.

In time past men of God would confront the dire tides of Satan and openly challenge the saints to begin to pray for God to send down his power to confront the evil which was threatening them. And in time past God would answer. Why no outcry today? Why no urgency or fire? Why do we not hear from God?

Somewhere we have lost touch with God because of our complacency and lukewarmness. There is great danger in this as we all know. God has lately brought this desperate plight to my notice. And I wonder are we not now witnessing that “Great Falling Away”?

My plead to those who call themselves “church leaders”, please, give us the whole counsel of God. What saith the Lord today? Can you not see him weep. I weep, and I sigh. God send your fire!

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